Smart clothes for smarter living

We're here to help track, improve, and maximize workouts without the hassle of extra devices.
Sensilk is where fashion meets function, bringing comfort and motivation to each experience.


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Track heart rate and fitness with comfort and style

Ditch the hassle of extra straps, wetting sensors, and charging batteries. Sensilk's apparel utilizes exclusive conductive fibers that are woven into the fabric for ultimate comfort and immediate effectiveness.

Get the most out of your workout routine

Track your progress with the mobile app and Sensilk Fitness Score, motivating you to train your best every time. From warm-up to cool down, Sensilk's unique algorithm analyzes data before, during, and after workouts to report your fitness level over time.

Co-founded by Donald Yang, Mary Vincent, and Karen Kaushansky, Sensilk was born out of the trio’s passion for merging technology and textiles to aid in an active lifestyle. The idea for Sensilk began as Donald, an Oracle alum and active marathon runner, was on the hunt for a more comfortable heart rate monitor. He soon began experimenting with the idea of integrating sensors directly into his clothing, and partnered with Mary to lean upon her extensive knowledge of mobile health applications, and experience in software development. The team tapped Karen’s 18+ years of product design experience—including time spent at Jawbone where she designed interactive and audio experiences on devices such as Mini Jambox, Icon and UP—to design the Sensilk experience.

About Us

“Fabric will generate more data than devices in ten years, and Sensilk's technology and team are at the forefront to collect that data and use it to improve lives.”

Hap Klopp
Founder, The North Face
Advisor, Sensilk

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